1. orlamcnelis:

    I recently created, photographed and shot recipes for BFree Foods. They are Dublin based company that specialises in gluten free products like bread, bagels and wraps. If you are a coeliac or are looking to cut gluten out of your life I couldn’t recommend them more! 

    The recipes will be going up on their blog/facebook over the next while and you can have a look at a few of them already on their website:


  2. The nights now are full of wind and destruction

  3. orlamcnelis:

    I’ve started making how to videos. 

  4. Winter Beach

    Lisfannon, Buncrana Co Donegal 

  5. New Year’s Eve

  6. The Storm is Coming 

  7. November Rain 

  8. I have started an Etsy to sell some handmade cards and prints of my photographs. I hope to start selling at some craft markets around Dublin soon. Have a look:


  9. 'In the House at Night'

    I found these photos in an untitled folder, while cleaning out my laptop. I have no idea where or when I took them, but I find them kind of creepy.

  10. Shooting 

  12. Here is the short promo I made for the feature film I am working on with a group of filmmakers in Dublin. We’re shooting at the end of October. 




  13. My documentary

    Dunree is a short poetic documentary, about a small abandoned house near the sea, in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

    The film examines the strange combination of decay and preservation of the objects inside. They give clues about the lives of the people who once lived there. The house is a time capsule of memories, slowly rotting as the world continues around it.

    Shot on Canon 7D, with Canon 50mm f/1.4 and 17-55mm f/2.8
    Edited in Final Cut Pro 7

  14. Dunree August 2013

    My documentary is approaching completion! 

  15. Estonia